3 modes of passport verification by police

Since a passport is a very important document the government ensures every form of inspection and verification before issuing passport to any citizen. Here are three modes of police 먹튀검증 -:

  • Before the passport has rightly been issued: pre police verification
  • After the password is issued: post police verification
  • No police verification
  1. Pre police verification- in most cases, the police verification happens after the applicant has successfully submitted the application along with all the related documents but before issuing the passport to the concerned person.

In such verification process, the passport office renders all the details and address of the applicant to the relevant police station and then a police officer is assigned the duty of verifying the authenticity of the applicant. The officer personally meets the applicant, verifies his address as given in the passport and also confirms other information about the applicant.

If all the information given by the applicant is found to be correct, the police officer conveys the message to the police station who in turn transfer the message to passport office and then the passport office issues passport to the applicant. This is the whole pre passport verification process.

  1. Post police verification process- this verification process is done mostly with government employees who actually submit a “NOOBJECTION CERTIFICATE” through the annexure. To these applicants, the passport is issued before the police verification process begins and it comes under the passport office assurance scheme.

Another example is the case of minor children, whose parents have been issued passports with both of them being valid passport holders and the child also resides at the same residence.  The police verification would have been done at the time when parents were being issued passports, and so the passport office gives children benefit of doubt.

  1. No police verification- in some cases, the passport office considers it unnecessary to conduct police verification. For instance, while issuing passports to government employee/psu or any statutory body, they submit an identity certificate with the application and hence they receive the passport then without any verification process. This is known as no police verification process.


Things You Need To Understand About Marriage Treatment

Perhaps you are distant from each other, or fighting through loss or a recent tragedy. When something does not feel appropriate, that is where marriage treatment, also called conjoint treatment and marriage treatment, may help.

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Your therapist ought to assist you to focus on developing a workable alternative and identifying the inherent issue in your marriage. Your treatment sessions are shielded under client discretion. You should at no point worry your therapist will share information on your case if you do not give them express consent. In marriage treatment, accept differences and among the aims is for partners to comprehend each other.