What’s Pediatric Heart Surgeon?

Suppose your child requires surgery to repair his or her heart problem, pediatric heart (or cardiac) surgeon has complete knowledge as well as experience of treating your kid. Paediatric heart surgery Singapore offer special care required to fix congenital (at birth) as well as acquired heart issues in the kids.

The pediatric heart surgeons will treat any kind of complex congenital defects in the newborns, kids, or adolescents, and adults. The congenital heart defects generally are different from the kinds of heart diseases, which are common among the adults. Hearts repairing in the small bodies presents the added challenge. The pediatric heart surgeons generally have special skills required to offer safest care for the youngest as well as smallest patients that need the heart surgery.

Paediatric heart surgery Singapore

What Type of Training Pediatric Heart Surgeons Do Have?

The pediatric surgeons are the medical doctors that have completed

  • 5 year of general residency program
  • 4 years of the medical school
  • 2 to 4 years of the training in the pediatric heart surgery
  • 2- to 3-year cardiothoracic residency program that generally includes six months of training in the pediatric heart surgery

The pediatric heart surgeons spend first one to two years after their training serving on staff of the major pediatric center. Additionally, they get substantial experience just by devoting the huge part of the practice to care of the children.

What Kinds of Treatments Pediatric Heart Surgeons Offer?

The pediatric heart surgeons normally offer surgery for

  • Repairing injury to heart
  • Heart, lung, or heart and lung transplants
  • Correcting congential or acquired heart defects

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