World best easy card trick

Card games are a big fun and if you are an expert then you would know several card tricks that can make the game much more exciting. It gives you the surety to win and make a lot of money too. There are many easy card tricks and this is the best. This trick has never seen anywhere or was published. This trick learned in the younger age and whenever you show this trick to anyone, they will surely get impressed.

Self working card tricksThis trick in a simple way we can say that find a card or effect. No preparation is required and you can choose whatever deck of cards you like. Videos are also available for this trick and you can watch and learn from there.

Rising card trick will work perfectly with the trick, which is shown above. You will able to learn both the tricks together and watch the available videos for Self working card tricks. In this video, the setup of card trick is also shown.

  • Effect

Spectator needs to select the card and then you have to find the selected card. In simple, the spectator card can be discovered in deck and top of it. It is also possible to use any reveal to shown the spectator-selected card. This can be known as Rising Card.

In Materials, only the deck of cards is required.

Nothing-additional preparation needs to be done.

If you want to view the entire collection of the card tricks then see the full video. This video is also suited for the kids and beginners.

  • Setup

The setup for world easy Self working card tricks is as shown below:

You can take the spectator mix of cards. Make the face towards the spectator by holding the cards and keep the back in front of you.

Pull the fourth, third and second cards from the back of the deck and display them in the photo. The top card would remain in the place. This is the main secret. The spectator will never know about the extra card on the top.

Display the cards and the photo will show that what spectators have seen.

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